You have some subscribers, but you don’t see the results?

Or you don’t know what to send?

You’ve heard list is important, and you want to start your own.

But not sure how to dig into it?

You’re in the right place!

Listen, I get it.

You hear everywhere – build a list, money is in the list!

While I agree with whole heart, that list in online biz is important.

I don’t really like the numbers approach – 6 figure miracles and ginormous lists are not what i preach.

Here, it is all about sending the:

  • right message
  • to the right person
  • at the right time

and ideally – on automation.

Let’s take out all the fluff and build a streamlined and effective system for your business, OK?

You can start here!

Hi, I'm Maja

You don’t know me yet.

But I know something about you:

You have the passion and expertise,

and I know how you can communicate it effectively.

If you think email is dead, think again.

With all the smartphones in our pockets email is the new text message.

When your message is suited to your subscriber,  you cut through all the mess in their inbox

and they read.

They read, then they start to trust and like you.

Then you can let them know what you offer.

Email is an essential step between your blog, social media, advertising

AND getting the paying customer.

If this is for you, read on my friend!

I am here to help you create engagement and relationship with your subscribers, so they want to become happy customers.


Maja has a great knowledge about email marketing and she's able to explain everything so that you can feel ease when starting your own campaigns. All falls into place, thanks.

Graphic designer

Maja I seriously adore you! 😀 My opt in sucks, you've made me realize what it is all about! Now I know how to to create something that will actually transform my audience! Brilliant.


Why I do that

Since graduating I am my own boss.

I’ve started as a local business owner in the landscaping industry.

(hence the leafy branding I guess ;))

Running my own business for over a decade now,

I live and breathe small biz.

Few years ago,

(when my two lovely boys were growing out of nappies)

I’ve fallen in love with online business and marketing.

And so my adventure with digital marketing began.

Trainings, courses, own mistakes – long and bumpy way.

Here I am now:

helping you – the biz owner to create email marketing and sales funnels based on the respect and trust,

(so that you don’t have to spend years to learn yourself)

instead you can shine your star bright right away.

I am also an online training enthusiast.
I can see that all us hustle alone, that is why:
I have created a website,
where people looking for knowledge and development meet people who teach.

You can have a look here:

Ready to take a better approach to email marketing?


  • Mum of two wonderful boys
  • Wife to one handsome guy
  • In love with nature (hence you’ll find leaves in my branding)
  • Coffee addict
  • Other than coffee – healthy lifestyle enthusiast
  • Practising football skills 😮 (never thought i would do that…)
  • Reading whenever I can
  • Self-actualizing all the time

This is my clique:

Oh! And I like Instagram, do you?